When Push Comes to Love

11 Mar



Two of the most profound words in our dictionary.

Distinct, but both enourmosly powerful.

Separate, yet intertwined.

Here’s the problem.

They are constantly at odds.

People say things like, “all this world needs is more love” or  “truth is the only thing that really matters”.


The man who heralds truth without an ounce of sympathy.

Or the woman who bypasses truth for the sake of feelings or people getting hurt.


Because we protect what we value most.

Those who hold truth highly are prone to leaving Love on the shelf.

Those who hold love highly are prone to forfeiting truth so that “love wins“.

There are some underlying motivations to these actions that we must understand.

Those who elevate truth over love tend to be motivated by being right.

Those who elevate love over truth tend to be motivated by being accepted.

They both sprout from the same seed-Pride.


Which person are you?

Which route does your pride take you?

The BitterSweet truth is that Truth and Love are inseperable.

In order to properly deliver truth or love we have to value them both equally.

That is not to say you need to devalue either but rather value the lesser more.

They become separate when their values are different.


Love is the music that truth dances to.

You can’t have a football game without a football.

You can’t have truth without love and love without truth.

Genuine love and genuine truth can only occur simultaneously.


So to the truth guy/girl-

Examine your heart.  Make sure your love for truth = your love for people.

Watch your tone.  Don’t let your passion for truth be mistaken for  cold-heartedness.

Show some emotion. You don’t always have to offend.

You don’t always need to be controversial.  You don’t always need to speak.  Learn to navigate truth in a way that shows you care.


To the love guy/girl-

Truth can be painful.  Truth can lose you some friends.

If you love someone you  may need to have difficult conversations with them.  If you don’t say it to them, who will?

Don’t belittle truth in the name of love.  Stop getting your feelings hurt by truth. Love could actually mean saying “no”.

Stop rejecting truth that doesn’t make you feel good.  Stop sugarcoating everything. Medicine tastes bad no matter what flavor it is.


To both of you-

You guys are on the same team.

Embrace each other.

Truth Guy, show Love Guy where he’s neglecting truth.  Love Guy, show Truth Guy how to lovingly communicate truth.


The mission is truth.  The motivation is love.  Value both deeply!

I strongly suggest reading I corinthians 13 and Ephesians 4, specifically verses 15 and 25 for a better understanding of truth and love.


4 Responses to “When Push Comes to Love”

  1. greentreehousemedia 03/11/2012 at 11:26 pm #

    Truth is, I love this post.
    Well said, Brit.
    Peace to you…

    • Brit Foshee 03/12/2012 at 1:52 am #

      Thanks Robin! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Shelly Foshee 03/12/2012 at 8:52 pm #

    I stand amazed at the revealing of God’s Word to you. You truly are annointed. You are the blessed of the Lord. Thank you for sharing. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading each of these. Pray that I die to my superman, embrace truth and balance it with love. Love you boy!

    • Brit Foshee 03/12/2012 at 9:05 pm #

      Thanks for the encouragement.
      I’m so glad I hit the lottery to get you as a
      Mother. Love you.

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