March Madness Gone too far.

15 Mar

Here are my top 10 signs you are way too into the madness of march.

1.When you’re at work, you imagine your desk is a court and you have the paper clips upsetting the pens in a nail bitter .

2. You had a day of mourning when Butler didn’t make the tournament.

3. You lose your keys. Your friend tells you to check your jacket and you scramble to find your bracket.

4. While taking jumpers in the driveway, each shot is preceded by 3-2-1.

5. You knew about Fab Melo’s suspension before ESPN broke the news.

6. While sitting in traffic you start to place the cars around you in a bracket and seed each car based on year, make and model.

7. You name your new puppy Gonzaga.

8. The microwave buzzing sends you into a frenzy.

9. You set up a bracket for the NIT.

10. You increase your kids chore list in order for them to pay for the $10 family bracket fee.


One Response to “March Madness Gone too far.”

  1. Steve Morgan 03/15/2012 at 10:40 pm #

    funny stuff! Gotta love March Madness and laughter!

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