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The question everyone is asking and no one is answering

15 Sep

From the latest moral failures in the NFL has emerged a very important question. Recently when asked about whether the team handled then suspended player, Greg Hardy right, coach Ron Riveria responded by saying “what is right”. That is the question that has surfaced.

What is right ? What is wrong ? What is the right punishment for wrong ?

What’s the punishment for hitting a woman ? Should it be less if she hits you first?

Should you spank your child ? If so how far is too far ?

While NFL team owners, presidents, and coaches scramble to try to find what’s right, I’m afraid they’re making a huge mistake.

While polling the audience may work great on the first few questions of who wants to be a millionaire, the audience is no match for the million dollar question. What is right ?

Let me assure you, I would not trust ESPN, Fox News, CNN, or my twitter feed to answer that question.

There is one source I trust though.

Even with this source some of the toughest morality questions can be difficult to sift through, however I find it much safer to go with a credible source than the cry of the people.

Here’s to truth. The bittersweet truth.

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